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KN95 mask available

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I. Types and functions of masks
In order to understand the differences of masks, first of all, we need to understand the following production standards of masks. Different production standards of masks are different. Generally, medical protective masks refer to GB19083 series standards, medical surgical masks refer to YY0469 series standards, and different standards have different types and levels of protective substances. N95 mask refers to NIOSH standard in the United States,KN95 mask refers to GB2626-2006 standard in China. Now I will focus on NIOSH standard in the United States and GB2626-2006 standard in China.

NIOSH standard (United States)

Classification Code

Filtering Efficiency

Filtering Efficiency

Filtering Efficiency













GB2626-2006 (China)

Classification Code

Filtering Efficiency

Filtering Efficiency

Filtering Efficiency









The common masks on the market generally have the following types, the main differences and functions are as follows:
1. General mask or gauze mask: it can only filter large particles and is only suitable for normal cleaning work.
2. Active carbon mask: it can absorb organic gas and toxic dust without sterilization function. It should be replaced immediately if it needs to breathe hard or cannot absorb peculiar smell. It is suitable for spray painting or pesticide spraying.
3. Medical surgical mask: it is also called disposable surgical mask, which conforms to YY-0469-2004 standard. It is suitable for clinical medical personnel to wear in the process of invasive operation, to provide protection for patients receiving treatment and medical personnel performing invasive operation, and to organize the transmission of blood, body fluids and splashes. The bacterial filtration efficiency of the mask shall not be less than 95%.
4. Medical protective mask: It meets the compulsory standard of China GB 19083-2010, and the filtration efficiency is ≥ 95% (test with non oily particles). It is required to pass the synthetic blood penetration test (to prevent body fluid splashing) and meet the microbial indicators. The medical protective mask is suitable for the protection of medical staff and relevant staff against respiratory infectious diseases transmitted by air, with high protection level.
5. N95 respirator: NIOSH certified filter efficiency of non oil solid and liquid particles is at least 95%.
6. KN95 mask: GB 2626-2006 of China, and the filtration efficiency of non oil solid and liquid particles shall be at least 95%.
According to the above description, general masks, gauze masks and activated carbon masks have no protective effect on the virus. The virus usually does not exist in the air alone, but adheres to particles such as droplets, dust, scurf, etc., and its diameter is generally greater than 5 microns, The filter mechanism of KN95 and N95 masks is to block these fine particles through the high-performance filter layer in the masks, so as to build a protective barrier. Moreover, as like as two peas, KN95 and N95 mask filter efficiency is tested, the efficiency of filtering is uniform. In non densely populated areas, you can also wear medical surgical masks. In densely populated areas, you can wear KN95 or N95 masks, which can prevent virus invasion.

II. KN95 information:
helps friends around the world to fight against sars-cov-2. The preferential supply of kn95 masks meets the Chinese standard (GB 2626-2006), KN95 mask and N95 mask have the same filtering efficiency for virus,which can effectively prevent virus invasion and give you the most secure protection!

Product Name

KN95 mask

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Seebio Biotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


1 piece/PE bag (each is packed separately)
50 bags(50 pieces)/package
12 packages(600 pieces)/box
box gross weight: 6.6kg

box size: 590mm * 390mm * 350mm

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