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Low Calorie Sweetener Food Grade α,α-Trehalose dihydrate

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Trehalose is a non-reducing sugar consisting of two glucose molecules and is one of most stable sugar in the world. During the research of dehydration of plant cells, scientists found that trehalose can effectively prevent cell membrane, protein and other molecules from damage upon drying, and keep the natural biological character after re-hydration of the dried plants


1.Low cariogenicity

Trehalose has been fully tested under both in vivo and in vitro cariogenic system, so it has substantially reduced cariogenic potential.

2. Low sweetness

The sweetness of trehalose is 38% of that of granulated sugar. It is a kind of sugar with mild sweetness, sweet but not greasy. It can present the flavor of food better and the finished product will not be too sweet.

3. Low solubility and excellent crystalline

Water-solubility of trehalose is as high as maltose while the crystallinity is excellent, so it is easy to produce the low hygroscopical candy, coating, soft confectionery etc.

4. High Glass Transition Temperature

The glass transition temperature of trehalose is 120℃, which makes trehalose ideal as a protein protectant and ideally suited as a carrier for spray-dried flavors.


1Foods, healthcare products industry

Low hygroscopicity, strong moisture holding capability, inhibit starch aging, enhance anti-freeze capability

1) Inhibit foods’ moisture absorption, especially for food that contains less water, could stabilize its quality, prevent deforming and becoming sticky

Applications: snacks, cereal, rice flour pastry, candy, spices, cookies, waffle, solid drinks, milky candy, bean paste, dried seafood, dried fish, laver, etc.

2) Trehalose is stable in acidic foods, does not break down into glucose and fructose to enhance the product's moisture absorption

Applications: hard candy, soft candy, filled candy, jelly, juice drinks, sport drinks, etc.

3) Trehalose replace sucrose to be surface decoration of foods, does not absorb moisture to melt and become sticky

2acidic foods, acidic drinks, hot drinks, coffee, ice cream, foods which need high temperature treatment in production, other foods which need heat and freeze, etc.

1) Use trehalose in hot drinks, help enhance drinks’ stability, inhibit beverage turbidity due to high temperature

2) In acidic beverages, trehalose can exist stably, not break down and no maillard reaction

3) Trehalose can replace sucrose, reduce the freezing point of ice cream and other frozen products. It can be used in frozen food and frozen candy to produce new icing, and produce a unique and delicious flavor

4) Trehalose is stable, but can be digestive absorption by body, replace indigestible sugar alcohol and oligosaccharides to prevent diarrhea

3candy with plenty of juice, honey candy, xylitol candy, sucrose free candy, filled liquid candy, snack candy, soft candy, jelly, fruit candy, vegetable candy, milk candy, other candies, etc.

1) Trehalose’s glass transition temperature is 115℃

2)  Add trehalose in food, it can enhance foods’ glass transition temperature, which makes food in a more stable state, help to keep food fresh, easy for storage

3)  Trehalose does not produce insoluble glucan in mouth, inhibit the adhesion of insoluble glucan produced by sucrose, prevent dental caries.

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