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Artemisinin derivatives series

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Synonym: Dihydroartemisinin; alpha-Dihydroartemisinin; Artenimol

CAS NO.: 81496-81-3.

Art No.:AHG0029A

Molecular formulaC15H24O5

Molecular weight284.35

This product is a derivative of artemisinin, it is suitable for various symptoms of malaria control, especially it has good effect on chloroquine and pernicious malaria. It has strong and fast killing effect on plasmodium falciparum erythrocytic stage, it can quickly control the clinical seizures

and symptoms.

Quality standard: CP2010

Quality index

Property: white needle like crystal.

Assay: 98.0%-102.0%(HPLC)

Application: Anti malaria API



CAS NO.: 71963-77-4.

Art No.:AHG0030A

Molecular formulaC16H26O5 

Molecular weight298.4

Synonym: :ArtemetherumArtemtherin, Dihydroartemisinin methyl ether ; Dihydroqinghaosu methyl ether

This product is a killing agent with high performance and quick effect for plasmodium falciparum erythrocytic stage. It is suitable for all types of malaria, but mainly for emergency treatment of chloroquine resistant falciparum and severe falciparum malaria. The effects takes fast, and  short-term efficacy is good.

Quality standardCP2010

Quality index

Propertywhite crystalline powder


ApplicationAnti malaria API




CAS NO.: 75887-54-6

Art No.:AHG0031A

Molecular formulaC17H28O5

Molecular weight312.4

The Plasmodium removal effect for different types of malaria is good, its effects takes fast and it is easy to use, it also can be used for the patients who can not taking other oral antimalarial drugs. It has direct killing effect on Plasmodium falciparum erythrocytic stage but no effect on the pre erythrocytic Plasmodium and Organization stage Plasmodium.

Quality standardIP

Quality index

Propertywhite crystalline powder


ApplicationAnti malaria API



Synonym: Plasmotrin, Arsumax; Artesunato; Artesunato [inn-spanish]; Artesunatum;

CAS NO.: 88495-63-0.

Art No.:AIE0012A

Molecular formulaC19H28O8

Molecular weight384.4

Artesunate is a commonly used anti parasite drug, it is reduced artemisinin succinic acid monoester, it is derivatives of artemisinin with sesquiterpene lactones structure, its’ function on Plasmodium is stronger than that of artemisinin, it is also effective on chloroquine resistant strains.

Artesunate has strong killing effect on Plasmodium falciparum asexual body, it can quickly control the attack of malaria. This product can treat vivax malaria, the malignant mean parasite clearance time is faster than chloroquine. There is not any toxic and side effects in clinical treatment.

It is suitable for cerebral malaria and all kinds of severe malaria.

Quality standardCP2010

Quality index

Propertywhite crystalline powder


ApplicationAnti malaria API



Synonym: Benflumetol

CAS NO.: 82186-77-4

Art No.:AHG0032A

Molecular formulaC30H32Cl3NO

Molecular weight528.9

Lumefantrine (benflumetol) is a kind of mefloquine new drug which was invented in our country, it has obvious killing effect on plasmodium vivax sexual body and asexual body, it has good effect of preventing malaria tertiana, it also has killing effect on plasmodium falciparum asexual body, but the effect takes slowly.

It is mainly used to treat falciparum malaria, especially suitable for chloroquine resistant falciparum malaria. Combined with artemether, their anti malaria effects can be complementary, lumefantrine can kill insect thoroughly with lasting effect, but the symptoms controlling speed is slow.

Quality standardCP2010

Quality index

Propertyyellow crystalline powder


ApplicationAnti malaria API


本芴醇中间体4Step4(or N-1 step)Intermediate of Lumefantrine


CAS NO.: 69759-61-1

Art No.:AJA0131A

Molecular formulaC23H29Cl2NO

Molecular weight394

Quality standardCP2010

Quality index

Propertylight yellow crystalline powder


Application: Step4(or N-1 step)Intermediate of Lumefantrine


本芴醇中间体3Step3(orN-2step)Intermediate of Lumefantrine


CAS NO.: 53221-14-0

Art No.:AJA0132A

Molecular formulaC15H10Cl2O

Molecular weight277

Quality standardCP2010

Quality index

Propertyoff white crystalline powder


Application: Step3(orN-2step)Intermediate of Lumefantrine


磷酸萘酚喹Naphthoquine Phosphate

SynonymNaphthoquini phosphas

CAS NO.:173531-58-3

Art No.:AHF0023A

Molecular formulaC24H28ClN3O·2H3PO4·2H2O

Molecular weight641.98

Naphthoquine phosphate has killing effect on various plasmodium falciparum schizont and some plasmodium gametocyte and organisation of protozoa, it has good cure effect on drug-resistant plasmodium and long-term preventive effect on plasmodium.

Naphthoquine phosphate is suitable for treatment of Plasmodium falciparum, malaria tertiana and drug resistant plasmodium.

Quality standardCP

Quality index

Propertylight yellow or yellow crystalline powder

Assay> 98.5%(HPLC)

ApplicationAnti malaria API


磷酸哌喹Piperaquine Phosphate

Synonym: Piperaquine tetraphosphate tetrahydrate

CAS NO.: 4085-31-8

Art No.:AIE0018B

Molecular formulaC29H32Cl2N6·4H3PO4·4H2O

Molecular weight999.56

The antimalarial effect of this product is similar with chloroquine. After oral absorption it is stored in the liver, then it is slowly released into blood, it has a long-term preventive effect. It is mainly used for inhibitive prevention of symptoms of malaria and treatment of malaria. Now it is also used in prevention and treatment of silicosis.

Quality standardCP2010

Quality index

Property: off white to light yellow crystalline powder


ApplicationAnti malaria API