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Enzyme series new produt

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Product name: Pepsin

Synonym: PepsinumAcid ProteinasePepsase

CAS NO.9001-75-6

Art NO.:DCE0115E

Pepsin is a kind of digestive protease which is secreted by gastric chief cells in the stomach, its function is to decompose the protein in food into small peptide fragments. Pepsin will be activated at pH1.5 ~ 5 and decompose protein into pepsin, while part of them is decomposed into amino acid such as tyrosine, phenylalanine etc.

Pepsin has higher activity in the acidic environment, its optimal pH value is about 3. In neutral or alkaline solution pepsin chain will be delinked lose activity. This product is extracted from gastric mucosa. of pig, sheep or cattle.

Function and application:

It’s mainly used in fish meal production and hydrolysis of other proteins (such as soybean protein), milk clotting in cheese production (combined with rennet), it also can be used to prevent beer from being muddy in refrigeration. In medicine it can be used as a digestive agent. It can be used as nutritional supplements, enzyme preparation etc.


Inspection items





White or light yellow crystalline or amorphous powder

White or light yellow crystalline or amorphous powder




Loss on drying

≤5.0% 670pa60,4h

≤5.0% 670pa60,4h

Residue of organic solvent

≤0.5% EP(5.4

≤0.5% USP467

Enzyme  activity



Microbial Limit

bacteria number



Molds and yeasts



Escherichia coli

No detected/g

No detected


No detected /10g

No detected

Storage: It should be protected from light at the temperature of 28℃,it should be sealed to preserve.


Synonym: Parenzyme

CAS NO.: 9002-07-7

Molecular formula: C6H15O12P3

Molecular weight: 24,000

Art NO.: DCE0060B

Trypsin is a kind of serine proteolytic enzyme, with molecular weight of about 23300 dalton, and is a single peptide chain composed of 223 amino acid residues. With rigorous specificity, the trypsin specifically acts on the peptide linkage constituted by the basic amino acid arginine and leucine. Enzyme easily autolyzes by itself, and its activation also reduces or loses gradually. It is easily soluble in the water, but insoluble in trichloromethane, ethanol, ether and glycerin, and the optimum PH is 8.0~9.0. When the PH is 1.8, it is hardly deactivated when boiled for a short time; If the salt is added into the hot solution, the protein will precipitate, and the enzyme action of

filtrate cannot be seen, and Ca2+ plays the role in protecting and activating the trypsin.

The high purity Trypsin is purified by re-crystallization, and then by Ion Exchange Chromatography and ultra-filtration.

Function and Application:

 Clinical surgery used for all kinds of inflammation, ulcer, gangrene, wound, partial abscess caused by the atrophy hole, edema, hematoma and poisonous snake bite and other disease. In the surgery, it is used to treat ringworm scabies and other skin disease. In the internal medicine, it used for empyema, emphysema, bronchitis, bronchial breathing and other disease. General intramuscular injection, also can inject to chest or to the hole of abscess atrophy tube, remove the pus washing or atomizing inhalation used for respiratory disorders. Besides, the treatment of diabetic complications, like the nephritis, treatment of bone disease and so on.

 As a food processing cutting big molecular protein.

 The hydrolysis of protein properties as reagent widely used in biology, medicine, food industry research and development, testing field.


Inspection items



White or almost white lyophilized powder




Loss on drying


Residue on ignition





≥2500 USP Units/mgbased on dry product

Golden micorobial limits inspection

Total number of bacterial


Number of Mould and yeast


Staphylococcus aureus

No detected/g

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

No detected/g


No detected/g


No detected/10g

Storage: It should be stored in sealed container in dark place at temperature of 2-8, it should avoid to be exposed in too hot environment. Dark,

过氧化氢酶Fungal catalaseCAT

Product nameFungal catalaseCAT

Synonym: Catalase from bovine liver, Catalase


Art NO.: DBY0002A

Fungal catalaseCATis a liquid enzyme with high concentration which is produced by modern fermentation technology. It can fast and completely catalyze and decompose hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, it has become to be the preferred product to remove the residual hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a metabolic waste, it can cause damage to the body. In order to avoid such damage, hydrogen peroxide must be quickly converted into other harmless or less toxic substances.

Function and application:

1. Remove hydrogen peroxide in food, food additives and ingredients which is produced or remained in the sterilization, bleach and processing.

2. Clear strange smell of hydrogen peroxide produced in ultraviolet radiation of dairy products, egg products and other food.

3. Remove the residual hydrogen peroxide after sterilization of dairy products equipment.

4 It can be used as porous agent for bread and other baking food in processing.


Fungal catalase is protein, it is fully biodegradable. Enzyme and its decomposition products have no effect on the product, process and quality.

Fungal catalase is suited to broad PH and temperature range, it has equal effect in condition of high concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

Fungal catalase can shorten the processing time, improve productivity, decompose hydrogen peroxide thoroughly with high efficiency, comparing to traditional technology it can shorten processing step, save water and energy.

Product feature:

Activity50000 U/mL

Appearance: dark amber liquid

Solubility: It can be completely dissolved

Proportion: 1.17

Enzyme activity definition: The activity of Fungal catalase is described in units of U/mL, a unit (U/mL) refers to: in the condition of temperature of 37  and PH value of 7 the enzyme amount needed to decompose 1 mol of hydrogen peroxide in a minute

Process conditions:

P H 5-10 , PH 6.0-9.0 is optimal.

Temperature of 20-55 The optimum temperature of 40-55 

Time:10-20 minutes

Amount:0.1-0.4 g/L

Packing and storage:

Plastic drum package.

Catalase is a bioactive protein, it should be placed in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, it

will not less than the marked activity if it is stored at room temperature (25 ) for up to six months.



别名: RizolipaseTributyrase

Lipase is a kind of enzyme preparation made from advanced bacterial strain liquid by excellent machine for deep fermentation and extraction process. It can catalyze the alpha and beta chain, it also can hydrolyze triglyceride and fatty acid to produce monoglyceride or Diglycerides and free fatty acids. It can hydrolyze natural oil into fatty acids and glycerol, mean while it can catalyze the synthesis of triglyceride and ester exchange reaction.


1.       Food industry: It has good emulsifying properties. It can strengthen the gluten network, enhance the stability and fermentation ability of dough, improve the cooking quality, increases the product volume..

2.       Feed industry: Improve the energy utilization ratio of oil feed raw material, improve the flavor and aroma of feed, improve animal appetite.

3.       Pharmaceutical industry: It can act on gastrointestinal tract with amylase together to promote the digestive function, it can be used in the analysis of blood lipid and synthesis of a variety of drugs, such as anticancer and antiviral drugs.

Quality index:

Appearance: yellow brown powder or liquid

The enzyme activity:

5000 u/g (ml) DCE0058B

10000 u/g (ml) DCE0058E

100000 u/g (ml) DCE0058C

The enzyme activity definition:1gsolid enzyme powder (or 1ml liquid enzyme) can catalyze substrate to produce 1umol titratable fatty acid in one minute at conditions of temperature30and PH value 7, it is one enzyme activity unit and marked as u/g (u/ml) .

PH scope: pH4.0-9.0, the optimum pH is 7

Temperature range: the most suitable temperature is 25-50 , the temperature can’t exceed55 in whole process.

The effect of metal ions: It can be activated by calcium and magnesium ion, it can be inhibited by copper, mercury and lead ion

Packing and storage:

Package:10 kg,20 kgor50 kgpolyester bag or sealed barrels

Storage: It can be stored in dry place at room temperature, the optimum temperature is under20, annual loss of activity is no more than 10%.