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Noni(Morinda citrifolia)

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Noni is the name of a plant that grows in Hawaii,the South Pacific and the North Pacific Islands.

The indigenous peoples of the South Pacific Islands have known for thousands of years that Noni is widely used to treat disease Noni: leaves can be applied externally to reduce inflammation; roots can reduce blood pressure; bark has a strong convergence effect; seeds have a cathartic effect; flowers can cure eye diseases; and fruits have the highest value.

Noni is generally used as a Dietary Supplement,and a lot of health benefits are attributed to it.

Thousands of people around the globe are the proof of its effectiveness.

Noni products can be supplied as Noni enzyme juice, Noni enzyme powder, Noni fruit powder and Superfine Noni Powder.
Noni enzyme juice: using  high quality mature Noni fruit, fermented by natural organic then through squeezing and filtering to obtain pure juice.

Noni enzyme powder: spray drying from Noni enzyme juice (All soluble in water). Noni enzyme powder has the same essential elements as Noni Juice. The only difference is that the Noni Juice is absorbed right away and the powder is time released as it passes through the digestive system.

Noni fruit powder:choosing organic mature Noni fruit,cleaning and disinfection, then fermenting, extracting, spray drying and filtering to obtain the light yellow to brown powder, with characteristic of Noni taste, water-soluble.
Superfine Noni Powderchoosing organic mature Noni fruit, cleaning and disinfection, then slicing, drying, superfine grinding and filtering to obtain the light yellow to brown powder.

Health Benifits

» Increase 50% in Healthy People Immune System

» Natural Killer Cells Enhanced by 300%

» Patients suffering from chronic fatigue, gradually recovered by consumption of Noni,

» 700% Increase in Immunity System for Cancer Patients Who Consume Noni.


» Props of Natural, Balanced and Strong Surprise!

» Federation Noni 100% Pure Natural Enzymes is the Ultimate Choice of Experts!

» Helps to stimulate bowel movement and increases water absorption in the large intestine

» Helps improve constipation and piles

» Helpsnormalize the function of the stomach

» Helps regulate the pH in our body

» Helps in producing hemoglobin and prevents anemia

» Helps regulate the blood pressure

» Rich in vitamins and minerals that helps meet the needs of mothers during the pregnancy and postnatal periods

» Helps to breakdown the alcohol and reduces ketone compaounds in the body of the drunken person

» Helps regulate the sugar level of diabetic person

» Prevents deficiencies in vitamins and minerals

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