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Ellagic acid

pharmaceutical grade, food grade, cosmetics grade
  • CAS Number 476-66-4
  • Molecular Formula C14H6O8
  • Molecular Weight 302.28
  • EC Number 207-508-3
  • Package:25KG/barrel
  • Function: anti cancer,antioxidant, anti virus, whitening
  • Application: medicine, health food and cosmetic additives.
  • Tags: Anti Tumor Anti Virus Beauty Antioxidant

    Ellagic acid is a kind of natural plant extracts of Galla chinensis.


    This product has excellent anti mutation and anti-cancer function, ellagic acid especially has a good inhibitory effect on colon cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, tongue and skin cancer etc. In addition, the product also has effects of antioxidant, inhibition on human immunodeficiency virus and whitening.

    It is mainly used as medicine, health food and cosmetic additives.

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