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  • CAS Number 11016-17-4
  • Package:5mg; 10mg
  • Function: a natural pigment with no toxic side effects
  • Application: fluorescent probe; widely used in cosmetics, food and health care products
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    Phycoerythrin(R-PE)is a fluorescent protei, isolated from red algae and purified. It is a new fluorescent dye which has a wide range of excitation and emission in the visible spectrum. Due to strong fluorescence, good absorption and high quantum yield, it is widely applied in immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry and other antibody fluorescence labeling and in vivo imaging. Phycoerythrin(R-PE)can also be used as natural colorants for food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


    Seebio offers Phycoerythrin with good stability, high sensitivity, less quenching possibility! Please feel free to consult on hotline 400-021-8158.

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