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Food grade

    Maltitol Crystal is an ideal food for patients suffering from diabetes

    Maltitol crystal is made of super-high malt syrup with nickl catalyst throngh heating ,pressurizing,hydrogenating and crstallizing .with pure sweet taste,belonging to sugar-less sweetning agent as green food.

     product functions:

         1.regulate blood sugar,improve human immunity without stimulating secretion of insulin.

         2.Fat reducing function to prevent excessive fat in human body .

         3.Prevent tooth decay and improve calcium absorption and reserve in human body .

        4.Protect moister and flavor,improve aromatic odor and enhance candy appearance and transparency .suffering from diabetes and adiposis.

    1.Maltitol hardly decomposes in human body.Therefor ,it can be used as foodstuff for patients suffering from diabetes and adiposis.

          2.As maltitol is good in mouth feeling ,moisture protection and non-crystalline ,it can be used in production of various candies ,including fermentative cotton candy ,hard candy ,transparent jelly drops,etc.

          3.Features of throat soothering ,tooth cleaning and preventing tooth decay for chewing gum ,candy pills and chocolate.

          4.With a certain viscosity and hard for fermentation ,it can be used as substitution for granulated sugar in suspension fruit juice beverage and Lactic Acid beverage to improve mouth feeling.

          5.It can be used in ice cream to improve refinement and sweet taste ,and prolong shelf life.

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