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Agaricus blazei polysaccharide

health grade, food grade
  • Package:1kg/bag,5kg/bag,10kg/bag,25kg/barrel(or based on r
  • Function: improve immunity,Anti-cancer,Reduce blood lipids
  • Application: raw material of all kinds of medicines, health products, nutritional products, food and beverage and cosmetics to make capsules, tablets, granules
  • Tags: Improve immunity Anti Virus Anti Tumor Blood lipid Regulation

    Agaricus blazei polysaccharide is also called anti-cancer mushroom Agaricus, Brazile mushroom, it is famous food and medicine bacteria, tumor suppressor natural creature, it is a edible fungi very rich in sugar and protein, arginine and lysine. The dried almonds has a rich almond aroma and tastes delicious.

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