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Tea polyphenols

food grade, healthcare grade, feed grade, indstrial grade
  • CAS Number 84650-60-2
  • Molecular Formula C17H19N3O
  • Molecular Weight 281.36
  • EC Number 200-053-1
  • Package:1kg, 10kg, 25kg,
  • Function: maintain color and nutrition, antibacterial, eliminates odors
  • Application: Food, various fat, seasoner, meat product, aquatic product, pet food, cosmetics
  • Tags: Antioxidant Ingredients

    Tea polyphenols has strong antioxidant function, its antioxidant capability is  4-6 times the synthetic antioxidant BHT, BHA , 6-7 times the VE and 5-10 times the VC. The amount is very little,0.01-0.03% dosage can work without the potential toxic side effects of compound; Catechin has protective effect on pigment and vitamins in food which can maintain the original color and nutrition levels for long time, and effectively prevent food and edible oil from corruption and eliminates odors.

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