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Vital Wheat Gluten

Food grade
  • Package:25Kg/Bag
  • Function: Proteins
  • Application: bread, needle, dumpling and fine dried noodles
  • Tags: Ingredients

    Wheat gluten is a meat- like, vegetarian food product, sometimes called seitan, mock duck, gluten meat, or wheat meat. It is made from the gluten, or protein portion, of wheat, and used as a meat substitute, often to imitate the flavor and texture of duck, but also as a substitute for other poultry, pork, beef, and even seafood. Wheat gluten is produced by rinsing wheat flour dough in water until the starch separates from the gluten and washes away. 

    Wheat gluten(Vital wheat gluten) could be used as natural additive to be added into flour to produce wheat powder for bread, needle, dumpling and fine dried noodles.

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