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Glyceryl Glucoside

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Cosmetics and Daily Necessities: Commonly utilized as a surfactant in products like shampoo, shower gel, facial cleansers, after-sun care, makeup, anti-aging formulas, moisturizers, and toothpaste. It provides excellent cleaning and moisturizing benefits.

Food Industry: Serves as an emulsifier and stabilizer, widely used in products like ice cream, candy, chocolate, and dairy products.

Biomedicine: Functions as a carrier or controlled release agent for oral medications, or as a

penetration enhancer for topical drugs.

Biomedical Care Products: Frequently found in eye care products such as corrective lens cleaning solutions and eye drops, as well as in wound healing and regeneration applications. Biotechnology: Serves as a component in cell culture media or as a matrix for culturing cells in bioreactors.

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