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  • Code: ACJ1768G
  • Grade:Pharmaceutical-grade
  • Package: 5g, 25g
  • Function: This grade of rhamnolipid can be effectively utilized in the treatment of skin burns and certain dermatological conditions.
  • Application: Rhamnolipid is an anionic biosurfactant

    Rhamnolipid introduction

    Rhamnolipid possesses diverse functionalities, including surface tension reduction, solubilization, emulsification, demulsification, defoaming, washing, dispersing, flocculating, penetrating, and moistening capabilities. It exhibits remarkable surface activity, demands minimal dosage, and demonstrates exceptional compatibility with other surfactants. It possesses remarkable chemical and biological properties, exhibiting both hydrophilic and lipophilic characteristics. This unique biosurfactant effectively reduces surface tension in water, making it a versatile wetting agent, emulsifier, and foaming agent. Rhamnolipid is resistant to high temperatures and high salts, has strong foaming ability, is non-toxic, biodegradable, and is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative product.

    Compared to traditional chemically synthesized surfactants, Rhamnolipid has the following notable characteristics and advantages:

    • The extensive and intricate chemical structure of rhamnolipids, enriched with numerous active groups, enables superior adsorption at the oil-water interface. Consequently, it effectively diminishes the interfacial tension at both the water-air and oil-water interfaces, resulting in a more favorable environment for various applications.
    • Heat resistance: retains surface activity even at 90℃.
    • Salt tolerance:Rhamnolipids remain stable in 10% salt solution, while chemically synthesized surfactants lose activity in 2-3% salt solution.
    • Biodegradability:Rhamnolipids are easily degraded in water or soil.
    • Low or non-toxic: Environmentally friendly.

    Rhamnolipid info

    (3) Pharmaceutical-grade Rhamnolipid

    Catalog number: ACJ1768G
    Appearance: Light yellow to light brown powder
    Solids content: ≥90%
    Packaging: 5g, 25g

    Rhamnolipid Application:This grade of rhamnolipid can be effectively utilized in the treatment of skin burns and certain dermatological conditions. Additionally, it serves as a fundamental medicinal agent for promoting wound healing, modulating immune function, enhancing drug absorption, and exerting antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

    Rhamnolipid Applications in Food: Rhamnolipid is a component with high potential in the food industry. It is widely used as a leavening agent and flavoring agent in baked goods, sponge cakes, and noodles, improving and enhancing the quality and safety of the products. Safety Assessment: According to documents from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Rhamnolipid, as a biobased surfactant, is generally non-toxic but may have corrosive effects on the eyes and skin irritation. However, the EPA emphasizes that the ecological risks of Rhamnolipid are low, and its application in the food industry poses no adverse effects on food safety, making it a safe choice.

    Rhamnolipid Applications in Medicine: Rhamnolipid is a medication used for treating skin burns, certain skin diseases, and as a base drug for promoting wound healing, regulating immune function, enhancing drug absorption, as well as exhibiting antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties.

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