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About Seebio

Seebio Biotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (OTC 837709), is one of the leading suppliers of Vitamin K2 (menaquinone). Seebio was founded in 2003, as a domestic IVD raw material manufacturer. In 2016, Seebio's R & D center was set up in Shanghai International Medical Park. Now Seebio has grown up as a global integrated service providers of IVD raw materials, biochemical reagents, food ingredients, nutritional supplement, natural extracts, and other health & food raw materials, winning customers' recognition through high quality products and excellent service.
Seebio's international trade department has built up business relationship with customers from over 55 countries or districts in the world.
Seebio's major products are widely applied in agriculture, food processing, feed, health care products and daily chemical industry, which include
  1. I. Natural Vitamin K2 series (MK-4, MK-5, MK-6, MK-7, MK-9) and other vitamins with types of assays and forms;
  2. II. Amino acids, proteins and other nutritional supplements;
  3. III. Natural extracts;
  4. IV. Food colorants, preservatives and other food ingredients;
  5. V. Cosmetic and household chemicals;
  6. VI. Agrochemicals.

Seebio possesses its own plant, standardized warehouse and R&D laboratory.

Seebio's service team is efficient and sophisticated, which is consisted of experts in marketing, R&D, production, logistics and customer service. 85% of Seebio's staff are college-graduated or above.

Seebio has established a good partnership with many famous brands and introduced over 1,000,000 products into China's local market. Seebio is looking forward to working with enterprises of superior products in food ingredients. Let's explore the giant Chinese market jointly.