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Recombinant carboxypeptidase B

reagent grade, pharmaceutical grade

    Synonym: RCPB01

    Recombinant carboxypeptidase B (EC is specially used for hydrolysis of terminal end alkaline amino acid(lysine, arginine, histidine) of protein C; it is also called as hydrolytic enzyme of peptidyl -L- lysine (L- arginine) and protaminase. The molecular weight is 35kD, isoelectric point is 6, the optimal pH is 7-9. Its’ activity is competitively inhibited by arginine and lysine, metal ion chelating agents such as EDTA also inhibit the enzyme activity.

    Product advantage:

    Not from animal source: reorganization producing, no exogenous viruses contamination, such as swine flu virus, porcine parvovirus etc.

    High purity: It has no other miscellaneous enzyme activity, it has no other side reaction in enzyme reaction:, it has high yield.

    High specific activity:

    Electrophoresis Purity: electrophoresis identification of SDS-PAGE, 95%

    Stability: It is freeze-dried powder, easy to store and transport

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