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Anti-2019 nCov N mouse antibody (labeling)

  • Code: EKY0465H
  • Grade:
  • Package:
  • Function:
  • Application: for 2019 nCov Antigen Deteciton


    Anti-2019-nCov N mouse antibody (labeling)

    Code: EKY0465H

    Form: Liquid

    Purified method: Affinity purification

    Source Mouse ascites

    Isotype IgG1

    Purity: >95% by SDS-PAGE

    Concentration: 4.08mg/ml

    Application EKY0465H(Capture)-EKY0465G(Detection)

    Buffer: 0.01M PBS

    Preservative: 0.2% ProClin 300

    Appearance: Clear, with no precipitation solution

    Storage: Store at -20℃ for long-term storage(36 months). Avoid freeze/thaw cycles

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