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A novel biological surfactant – rhamnolipid

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1.Introduction to biological surfactants

Biosurfactants (BS) are natural surfactants produced by microorganisms,plants or animals, such as glycolipids, polysaccharides, lipopeptides or neutral lipid derivatives. Rhamnolipid is an anionic biosurfactant produced by microorganisms,It has good chemical and biological properties. It can be used as wetting agent, emulsifier and foaming agent. The biosurfactant can be used under extreme conditions of temperature, pH value and salinity. It is nontoxic and biodegradable.

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2.Characteristics of rhamnolipid:

Compared with the traditional synthetic surfactants, rhamnolipid has the following remarkable characteristics and advantages:.

(1) Lower surface tension and interfacial tension: rhamnolipid is generally larger and more complex than synthetic surfactants in chemical structure, with more active groups, which can better adsorb on the oil-water interface and improve the oil-water interface properties, so it is more effective in reducing water gas and oil-water interfacial tension

(2) Temperature resistance: the surface activity can still be maintained at 90 ℃.

(3) Salt tolerance: rhamnolipid does not settle or precipitate in 10% salt solution, while the chemically synthesized surfactant will be inactivated in 2-3% salt solution.

(4) Degradability: rhamnolipid is easy to degrade in water or soil.

(5) Low toxic or non-toxic, environmentally friendly

3. Product advantages

Green: rhamnolipid biosurfactant is a biodegradable and non-toxic green surfactant.

Environment friendly: rhamnolipid biosurfactant is safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional petrochemical surfactants.

Nature: rhamnolipid biosurfactant is produced from natural and green raw materials with natural technology.

High purity: our technology can obtain rhamnolipid biosurfactant with 99.9% purity.

High performance: the performance of microorganism cultured by us is better than expected, and the product has better characteristics.

4、 Product application

4.1 Daily chemical industry

Rhamnolipid, as a kind of biosurfactant with strong surface activity and emulsifying performance, can diffuse substances through dispersing and wetting performance, and has good cell permeability. It can also emulsify oil in pores and reduce the occurrence of acne. It comes from biology and has good non-toxic and degradable characteristics. It can be used as wetting agent and emulsifier in daily chemical industry.

The rhamnolipid biosurfactant was used to remove the stains on the surface of hard fabric and fabric,The results show that,Compared with SDS (sodium dodecyl sulfate) and SDBS (sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate), rhamnolipid has lower foaming and stronger biodegradability.

4.2 The Petroleum field

As a kind of biosurfactant, rhamnolipid can reduce the interfacial tension between oil and water. Experiments show that rhamnolipid biosurfactant has a certain degradation effect on a variety of hydrocarbons. The study shows that the degradation rate of crude oil increases from 35.7% to 57.6% in 20 days by adding rhamnolipid surfactant in the system of degrading crude oil.

4.3  The Agricultural field

Rhamnolipid can chelate metal ions and promote the absorption of nutrients by plants. It can also be used as a good additive for alkaline soil modification. As rhamnolipid in the soil will eventually be fully utilized by plants and soil microorganisms as nutrients, rhamnolipid will not have any residue in the soil after the end of plant production, so it is a safe soil additive.

5、Product specifications

Specification type





Daily chemical industry



The Agricultural field



The Petroleum field

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